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Volunteers Found These Surprises While Pulling Garbage out of the Delaware River

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

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Dozens of volunteers spent all day pulling garbage out of the Delaware River.

What they wound up with was, well, pretty gross.

The Clean Communities River Cleanup covered an 18-mile stretch downstream of Easton from Frenchtown to West Amwell. The volunteers netted 48 bags of trash and 11 bags of recyclables.

Here’s a partial inventory of the haul:

  • Fifteen tires

  • A 50-gallon barrel

  • A suit and a pair of shoes

  • Four metal pipes

  • Two 20-foot sections of sewer pipe

  • An assortment of inner tubes and flotation devices

  • Four bags of scrap metal

“You have to wonder in this day and age how people can just discard items along or in the river,” said Hunterdon County Freeholder Susan Soloway in a news release.

The cleanup was in September but reported to the Hunterdon County Board of Freeholders on Dec. 17, according to a news release issued Jan. 16.

More than 100 volunteers participated, the release says. The program is supported by a grant from the New Jersey Clean Communities Coalition. It coincides with the International Coastal Cleanup, and is held in coordination with Delaware Township, the DNR Canal and West Amwell Township.

You can register for the 2020 cleanup or other events on the Hunterdon County Health Department website.


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